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Sunday Sundries #61

01. I've mentioned it before, but I want to plug it again because it went offline for awhile & is semi-recently returned... Naked and Angry is one of my favorite places for tiled backgrounds. If you're in need of a cute pattern, there's no better website.

02. The whole internet already knows about them, but I'm in love with Kate Beaton's Hark, a vagrant historical and pop culture webcomics. I'll never love another webcomic as much as I love Cat and Girl, but Hark, a vagrant is a very close second.

03. I am basically losing my mind over the fact that Go Sailor, one of my all-time favorite bands forever, will be playing the Athens Popfest this summer. Will any of you be there? I will be, for sure!

If you haven't heard of Go Sailor, check out this video for their song "Together Forever in Love":

04. My new favorite blog lately has been Threadbared, an amazing fashion blog with an academic slant. If you're interested in critical approaches to fashion, be sure to check it out.

05. If you're a fan of vintage photos and/or circus ephemera, you for real need to check out this NY Times article about Frederick W. Glasier who took portraits of American circuses at the turn of the century.

06. I'm giving away another record on my music blog! Comment on this entry if you'd like to win a free copy of Allo Darlin's Polaroid Song 7".

I know that updates have been few and far between. I actually have a bunch of stuff saved on my computer that I've been wanting to share here, it's just been hard to motivate myself lately. I'm still blogging via tumblr and my music blog, Side Ponytail, is still very active. I love lemonadepoem, but you'll have to be patient with me until I'm in the right place to work on it!
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